A Brand New Day

Standfast and Barracks are the designers and manufacturers of exquisite printed fabrics for some of the world’s most premium design led apparel and home furnishing brands.


To create a new identity for a fabric printing company that has been in operation for nearly 100 years and continues to combine both traditional and innovative cutting edge technology.

Our task was to craft a bespoke brand to encompass a traditional value-driven company that uses its rich heritage and commitment to continuous quality as a foundation for moving forward. Standfast and Barracks value craftsmanship and the pursuit of refinement in every detail, including their brand.

With this in mind the icon had to reflect this and a well balanced, engineered letter type was created.

Brand Application

Creating a consistent look and feel from van livery to stationary, and promotional brochures.

We expanded on the shape of the icon and used the negative and positive to create a unique window to showcase the beautiful patterns, fabrics and textures with which to display the rich & colourful world of Standfast & Barracks.

Designer’s thoughts

“When branding a company that’s been successfully operational for the last 100 years, you feel a sense of responsibility that your contribution must continue the legacy for the next 100 years.”

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