Dragon’s Den Event

Last Friday saw us return to Leyland Trucks for the final judging for the 14th Truck for the TruckTrail, designed by local school children.
We had a fantastic day and felt very welcome by all the staff there, we even got to sit in the trucks!

Untitled design (10)

The children were very confident and articulate in the presentation of their ideas and had thought in depth about how their trucks of the future would work.

There were some fantastic ideas for trucks using kinetic energy, magnets, water power and even trucks that could extend and go over traffic jams.

Bryan Sitko, MD of Leyland Trucks, was very enthusiastic about the project and encouraged the children to keep coming up with amazing ideas and to follow their dreams.

The children were asked to design either:

  1. A delivery truck that delivers lots of smaller packages to multiple locations
  2. A long distance bulk vehicle to carry large or heavy loads long distances.

They then had to consider:

cost, aesthetic, safety, emissions, noise, tracking, adaptability, maintenance and size and weight – phew!

They were judged on teamwork, evidence of research, innovative ideas and creativeness as well as the clarity of design.

We can’t wait to see the unveiling of the winning truck on 17th June, at Leyland Festival.