Facebook Ads 101: Understand the Basics

Facebook Ads: Can they help you?

“‘Use them correctly and Facebook ads will skyrocket your business.”

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are companies paying Facebook to show their posts to certain groups of people – helping to generate sales, increase brand awareness, and to grow their social pages.

Facebook ads help you to show your content to audiences through your business’s Facebook page that ordinarily you wouldn’t be able to reach via standard posts.

As you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed tonight, look for sponsored posts that turn up on your feed.

The ‘sponsored’ tag sits just below the name of the page.

Here’s what a Facebook ad looks like:



Why do you need them?

More than 1.5 billion people use Facebook each day, so there’s huge potential to reach people.

If you have ambition for your business and want to gain more clients or customers, advertising on Facebook can help you.

Some of Facebook ads main objectives include increasing brand awareness and reach, driving website conversions and growing the level of engagement on a page’s posts.

The reason so many businesses choose to advertise through Facebook is thanks in part to the audience targeting you can do on the platform.

Facebook takes the interests and demographics of all it’s billions of users and allows you to refine the types of people your ads are shown to.

This means you won’t be wasting money showing ads to people who are never going to purchase from you – but instead can advertise to people who are more than likely going to show at least an interest in what you’re offering.

Generating income with as little expenditure as possible is the key and so Facebook ads can be a scalable way for you to find customers and sell to existing ones.

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