Integrated Communications

When it comes to marketing your business, integrated communications ensure that all messages, posts and communications are linked together and working in harmony to complement each other, rather than in isolation.

We strive to educate our clients on the importance of utilising a range of communication tools to engage with your target audience. BUT, each communication tool used i.e. social media, blogs, email marketing to name just a few, must all have the same look and feel, same tone of voice and same message. This will ultimately make your messages stronger and more likely to be noticed, therefore increasing brand awareness and return on investment.

Yes, this will take more time and planning to get right, but think about the benefits that it will deliver; it can create a competitor advantage, help to boost your sales and profits and much more.

Integrated communications help customers by providing them with timely reminders, which when communicated in a planned order will help them through each stage of the buying process. You are more likely to increase your customer life time value by following these simple steps. Having consistent and relevant messages and images all help to nurture long term relationships with customers.

You may or may not have noticed, but there are so many companies out there whose brand and communications are disjointed. Many people will lose interest and become disengaged, so make sure everything works well together and is fluid. This is key to success.

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