Is Your Website a Help or Hindrance?

Is your website helping or hindering your business?

If you had a sales person who wasn’t delivering, who didn’t fully understand your products, who mis-directed and confused your customers would you keep on employing them?

How does your website look? Does it reflect your brand and promote your services to the maximum or it is looking tired and jaded, with mixed messages?

Is it user friendly, easy to follow and navigate with a great user experience or does it frustrate your customers and make them want to leave quickly.

Over 70% of web traffic is now on mobile – would your customers be able to view your website easily on their phones or would they have to manually try and re-size it on their mobile phone screens?

Being mobile responsive is essential and Google continue to penalise companies in terms of SEO rankings if their websites are not.

Can you afford to let your website be anything other than a brilliant reflection of your company and extension of your brand?

Your website is an essential marketing tool and can be a prime driver for sales and enquiries. It’s available for potential customers to access 24/7 and can be the sales tool for your company which never goes to sleep.

By understanding the user journey and mapping out how customers will navigate around your website, we can optimise the structure and design of your site.

If you have an e-commerce site:

  • What user journeys and traffic flows will need to happen through the site for your to generate sales?
  • Who are your target markets and what will influence their buying decisions?
  • How will your orders be processed and does the site need to take multiple payment options?

If you are considering designing a new website please do get in touch. We have single page websites available which are incredible value for money, or alternatively we can offer high end, bespoke, custom coded websites. All of our sites are designed with a clickable prototype, allowing you to view your designs on screen, navigate around pages and interact with buttons, enabling you to fully visualise the proposed design of your website. For more information get in touch.

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