Social Media Marketing

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Representing your Brand Online

A highly effective way to increase brand awareness and reach new customers is through social media marketing.

Our marketing experts will work with you in content production and graphic design to communicate your brand to others through social media.

Whether you’re new to social media or have an existing presence, we will work with you to build an established platform for your brand. Providing you with engaging content and premium graphic design throughout all your channels.

Management by Industry Professionals

At Stone Create we offer social media maintenance packages to ensure that you stay connected to your audience and enhance your online presence with help from our industry professionals. Pick and choose your channels:


Facebook is the largest social media platform and is particularly useful when promoting your business. Facebook has a marketplace where companies can sell their products as well as a  dedicated Business Suite where you can monitor your brands performance, engagement and plan posts out. We will work with you to suit whichever requirements are needed including social media graphics, videos, photos, animation and advertising.


Instagram is a channel that works by uploading images and captions, appearing on others feeds and your own profile. Instagram is particularly useful as it provides visual content where consumers retain much more information. There is an integrated marketplace feature where you can sell your products directly linked to your website. At Stone Create ,our marketing professionals will produce content for your Instagram profile including graphic designs, photography, videos, story updates and advertising.


Twitter is the second largest social media platform used by millions of people, and thousands more are signing up every day. We will work with you to provide Twitter maintenance to suit whichever your requirements are including planning, publishing and content production. We can keep customers updated with offers and use to support any queries, helping to build relationships with your customers.


LinkedIn is the social networking website aimed at professionals allowing members to contact past and current colleagues, look for a new job, uncover new business opportunities and network with experts within a particular industry. We work with you on LinkedIn to showcase your company and connect with potential clients, generating leads for your business.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, where users upload videos on and gain subscribers to their channel. We will work with you in the maintenance of your business YouTube channel, uploading engaging, fun and interesting video content relevant to your audience.