Updating Search System for Part-Box

Our latest addition to Part-Box’s e-commerce website

Part-Box is an international motorsport car part retailer. We have undertook many projects with Part-Box covering all aspects of marketing from websites to digital advertising. Our latest assignment was to work on the pre-existing Part-Box website.

The team at Part-Box decided that the search bar was not providing the ideal response for them, through research and user testing we looked into how we could improve this. Hosting over 80,000 different products, it was integral that they had a search bar system which was both fluent and provided an instant relevant response to user’s search queries.

We added a new search engine functionality within their website, this was an intelligent, enhanced system which could easily pinpoint keywords to the correct format.

Overall, the new development made the customer journey much more effective and has caused an increase in sales. Customers are easily able to navigate through Part-Box’s website with ease and find the products that they need.

Our work with Part-Box is ongoing and we look forward to sharing our upcoming projects with them, visit their website to find out more.

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