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Eat My Photo was created as a consumer version of Eat My Logo, an established company producing cakes, cupcakes and biscuits with printed company logos on them. An interactive website was required to allow the general public to upload their own photos from multiple devices and social media platforms. The most important part of this brief was that it must work perfectly on mobile phones with the majority of traffic expected to be used on smaller devices.


WordPress was chosen as the main platform for Eat My Photo with the product inventory managed by WooCommerce. This meant that the basic side of the shopping journey was simple to manage and the only complex part would be the bespoke development of the custom builder to allow users to upload and resize their photos.

Mobile Responsive

As with many consumer-based websites now, speed should be at the forefront of a designers mind. By utilising a mobile-first approach which ensured the site not only rendered quickly on mobile devices, but also provides a simple customer journey to ensure users could use the website without any issues.

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The Builder

The most complex part of this website was the bespoke builder which allowed users to upload images from their devices or directly from their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Catering for all the different mobile devices and ultimately the quality of images produced by each was challenging, but the final product was a perfect solution. We allowed users to resize and rotate images, add custom text, and in different sizes and colours.

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