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Silver Service Singers work nationwide to offer a surprise catch to your wedding, special party or corporate event. After running for about 12 months, they came to us asking for assistance with Facebook Ads. Although Facebook was generated new business leads, the ads were only lasting a matter of days before they would stop working and then have to be recreated.


We were commissioned to investigate and recreate the Facebook ad structure to stop this happening. Then look for ways in which to scale up the lead generation side of the business to ensure growth over the coming months.


Split-test the ads against different audiences.

Initially, Silver Service Singers were running a single ad against a single audience, meaning that every different person, in every different location, on every different device was seeing the same single video ad. With no split-testing in place, it was difficult to establish which part  what was working at what wasn’t.

We created a new structured and segmented ad campaign so we were able to split test over multiple audiences and different ads. We needed to see if different video ads worked better against different age demographics. This also enabled us to discover which parts of the campaign were dragging the rest of the campaign down.


Increase volume for growth.

By showing the right ad to the right person, in the right location, on the right device, we were able to manage the budget much more proactively. We were able to see which type of audience engaged with which type of video and also take note of whether devices played a part in the customer journey.

Once we managed to save budget against the poorer audiences/ ad combinations, we were able to move budget into Instagram advertising to gain access to a whole new audience, thus increasing lead volume.

The Results

In the 12 months of managing the Silver Service Singers marketing, we have enabled multiple advertising channels, ensuring solid growth month-on-month.

  • 328%

    increase in lead volume

  • 399%

    increase in turnover

  • 482%

    increase in gross profit

Client Testimonial

“I tried a few advertisers prior to Stone Create and they are the first company to be open, honest and reliable.”

Daniel Bartell – Founder

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