It’s all about the image people conjure in their minds when thinking about your business

In an age of digital marketing and social media, we are bombarded more than ever before with images, posts, videos and adverts from various companies all demanding our attention and trying to stand out. Understanding what your brand represents and what it says to your customers is essential in this busy digital space.

Build Your Brand

Building Your Brand

It’s much more than just a logo, it’s your businesses identity. Your brand has a big part to play in what people think and feel when looking at your business, after all, perception is everything.

We work with you to identify your target market, unique selling points and benefits of your product or service to showcase your core business values, creating the best possible image for your company.

Bespoke to You

Good branding starts with knowing your business, backed up with innovative design. We ask you questions to understand the aims and personality of your business including:

• What is really unique about your business?
• What are your key messages?
• Who are your target customers and are they the right ones?

Branding is encompassed in all areas of your business, both externally and internally

We ensure your brand identity is consistent and as such easily recognisable, from the business cards you carry and the look and feel of your website right down to the signage above your door.

  • 90%

    of consumers expect a seamless transition across all elements of a brand through colour, imagery, flow, and overall quality.

  • 10

    The number of seconds it takes a consumer to build a first impression of a brand’s logo and whether they think the brand is aligned with their belief system.

  • 87%

    of consumers’ buying decisions are emotional, it is crucial for companies to make sure your brand evokes the correct emotions to sell their product or service.

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