Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential tool for letting your clients and prospects know what is going on in your organisation.

Email marketing lets you reach people direct to their inbox with your latest news and promotions. This is a fast and cost-effective marketing channel to reach your audience instantly,  start considering email marketing as a necessity to include in your digital marketing strategy.

Ensuring the content of your email is relevant and useful to your readers.

Getting your business noticed

Email marketing is known for its great return on investment, through driving conversions at an extremely low cost. It is an easy and inexpensive way to promote your company and its products/services, compared to a lot of other marketing techniques.

It’s the perfect way to get your brand out there to a targeted audience and remind people of your business in a non-invasive way, without having to speak to them face to face or over the phone. Email has been classed as the most preferred way of communicating in today’s world, so why not make the most of it?

measure and improve

Email marketing is highly measurable, with real-time access to metrics like; click-throughs, open rates, bounces, forwards and much more. It allows you to analyse and report on each campaign that you send, giving you insight into what works and what doesn’t.

We will work with you to provide email marketing solutions for your business that will drive more traffic to your website, help to increase conversions and ramp up your ROI.

Email marketing is an integral part of any successful marketing strategy

Increase visits to your company website with a well thought out and planned marketing campaign that is 100% tailored towards your business.

  • 3/4

    of companies agree that email marketing gives them “excellent” to “good” Return on Investment.

  • 78%

    of consumers have chosen to unsubscribe from emails due to receiving too many emails from a company.

  • 86%

    of consumers want to receive promotional emails at least monthly from the companies that they do business with.


  • What type of content works best?

    There are lots of different types of content you can include in an email. Some prefer purely text-based emails, but including images and videos often boosts your open and click-through rates.

  • How much does email marketing cost?

    This depends on the level of service you need. We recommend giving us a call or coming in to see us so we can discuss your requirements.

  • How often should I send marketing emails?

    This depends on your industry. For some it's every week, for others a monthly email is more suitable.

  • What is the best day/time to send an email?

    Again, this is unique to your business and your audience. Test the waters and record your results; do this over and over again until a positive pattern emerges.

  • What metrics should I track?

    Record your open and click-through rates. These are good indicators of whether you need to improve/change your emails. 20% is often considered a good open rate for emails.

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