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Neon signs have become a very popular choice for decades and are one of the most eye catching types of signage. They have high visibility, especially at night, come in a large variety of colours, shapes and sizes, are long-life and save on energy costs. This type of signage works well for cafes, restaurants, shops and clubs, whether used internally or externally.

The Benefits of Neon

  • High Visibility – Neon signs are especially beneficial for small or brand new businesses as they offer high visibility and stands out.
  • Shapes and Designs – Neon sign is probably the only banner medium that has the potential to be moulded into any shape and design easily. And the best part is that it won’t hurt your budget. Business logos as a sign makes it easier for people to remember the brand.
  • Perfect for Night Time – Since they offer high visibility, they are also advantageous to small businesses that can be spotted throughout the day and night. 
  • Long Life – Properly built neon signs have a record of lasting up to ten to twelve years easily whereas traditional light signs may last a couple of years.
  • Attract Customers – Neon signs are being used as a brand awareness medium since the 1950’s. The bright lights and its unique ability to set in any shape make it difficult not to catch the eye.

Neon Signs Bespoke To You

Our team of specialists design, manufacture and install neon signs, neon lights and neon art that is bespoke to you, for commercial use. This means that you are in complete control when it comes to the size, shape and colours that you choose. By providing a bespoke neon lighting service, your design is hand-crafted exactly to your requirements.

Neon can be used in many different ways and each sign will last for many years, with no need for replacement after a couple of years and is extremely versatile, with a large variety of finishes available. If you have a set design or just an idea of what you would like, let us help you bring your design to life, transforming it into an eye-catching, custom-made feature for any business.


  • How much do neon signs cost?

    The cost of neon signs often depends on the size and complexity of the design. The larger and more complex the sign is, the more it will cost. They're usually worth the investment though.

  • How long do neon signs last?

    The luminous tubes in neon signs normally last from 8 to 15 years, however in the correct environment, can last for decades.

  • Are neon signs safe?

    Yes. Assuming they’re properly looked after, a neon sign will not harm you. They are only ever warm to touch. The electrodes inside the sign will be too hot to touch however these are covered by rubber caps called electrode sleeves to ensure safety.

  • How much power do neon signs use?

    Neon is much more efficient compared to fluorescent bulbs – sometimes by as much as 50%. A typical power outage of a foot of red neon tube burning for 12 hours day normally uses 15-18 kilowatt-hours of energy per year.

  • Can neon signs work outside?

    Neon signs can be manufactured for both indoor and outdoor display. Outdoor signs will work just as well as long as they are protected properly from poor weather however some colours aren't as suitable for the outdoors as others.

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