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eCommerce enables you to sell and take payments for products online

eCommerce is the term given to the purchasing and selling of products for your business via the Internet. The market is rapidly growing and the total revenue generated from online sales is increasing year-on-year when compared with standard retail outlets.

Advantages of E-commerce
  • Trade internationally with a wider range of customers easily
  • Save money from the overheads that come with a physical brick and mortar store
  • Easily manage your stock, product range, payments, shipments and more usually in just one click
  • Enable you to create repeat customers through marketing campaigns
  • Earn money throughout the day and night without the restriction of opening hours
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors who are not trading online

Open source eCommerce plugin built for the WordPress blogging system, known for its simplicity and customisability. Usually fairly quick to get up and running and with a large selection of extensions available from the WooCommerce user community to extend the capabilities of the original store. Recommended for small to medium-sized product ranges although has also been used for larger stores. Currently the most popular eCommerce platform on the web, slightly ahead of Magento.


A more advanced stand-alone eCommerce solution with a wider range of features out-of-the-box. Available as a free open-source solution through the Community Edition. Can take longer to setup and get up and running but usually recommended for larger in-depth stores with a greater product range. Extensively documented with a large community of users. Highly flexible and customisable with a dedicated extension store.

Alternative Setups


Although widely regarded as the most advanced eCommerce platform, Magento can lack some of the features of other content management systems. We specialize in the development of hybrid websites using Magento as the online store and WordPress as the CMS for additional page content or blog posts. A unified theme is created for each platform and a login shared between both admin areas with the option to easily switch between.


Sometimes an industry may be too specialised for usual platforms. Perhaps you need advanced integration with an external stock system or the shop needs to behave in a different way to a standard eCommerce store. We also have our own in-house solution built on an open-source MVC framework designed to be modular enabling features to be easily added or removed as needed. This system can be built on as needed to meet your requirements.

eCommerce Development Specialists

Stone Create have designed and developed a wide range of online stores for our clients using WooCommerce, Magento, and our own bespoke e-commerce system.

Working with you we can produce a detailed specification based on your project requirements and help to decide which eCommerce platform is best for you.

We are familiar with most major payment gateways and can import or synchronize products from any external stock system if an export can be provided.

All of our shop themes for any platform are bespoke and responsive. The store will be uniquely designed to fit your brand and help you establish a trusted online presence. Any custom features or integration can be developed alongside the development of your store to ensure a faster delivery time.

Maintenance contracts are also available to ensure that your online shop is always up to date with the latest software version and needed Magento security patches have been installed.

More people than ever deciding to shop online

With worldwide eCommerce usage constantly increasing and showing no signs of slowing down, now is a perfect time to launch an online store. You have the potential to reach a new range of customers not previously possible and create repeat custom through marketing campaigns. eCommerce is now the largest retail community in existence and getting a store up and running can be surprisingly quick and cost-effective.

  • 80%

    UK population have purchased online

  • 16%

    Growth over previous year

  • 47%

    Increase in orders by smartphone

  • £130bn

    Sales online in 2016 (UK)

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