The Benefits of Interactive Exhibition Stands

Do You Promote At Expos?

Exhibitions are the perfect way to promote your company to hundreds, or even thousands of potential new clients. By making your stand interesting, interactive and fun, you are guaranteed to stand out.

Having a simple pop up stand, with two employees is great… if you want to look like every other exhibitor at the show.

Why not be that unique company that thinks outside of the box? It doesn’t have to relate to what product or service you are promoting. It is simply a tool to attract visitors to your stand and remember you once the event has come to an end.

Our client, Amipart, exhibited at the Automechanika event, at the NEC, Birmingham. We fully manage all events that Amipart exhibit at, and part of the process is to design and print their stand.

As a company that supplies a vast range of replacement trucks, we needed a hook to showcase them in a different light to their competition.

Our idea was to incorporate a target range into one area of the stand. This enabled visitors to ‘shoot’ the area they were most interested in. It was a great ice breaker to have and a fun addition to the stand.

Mark Ainsworth, General Manager at Amipart said:

“People were queuing at one point to have a go on the target range! Another great marketing idea from Stone Create.”

This is how you want to feel after an expo. Amipart had a successful day and made positive impressions on a lot of people.


The Benefits of Interactivity

Adopting an approach that will engage your fellow expo attendees is the right way to go.

Hook them in with a superbly designed stand and excitement.

This is why:-

Make lasting impressions

Being the biggest and the best means you stand out. Attendee’s memories of the day will be drawn to what you do.

An interactive exhibition stand makes you memorable. You’re different to everyone else therefore notable.

It’s a great way to spread the word about what your business can do.


Influence people’s perceptions

By being interactive and confident, you’re in control.


You’ll engage with more people

Give people a reason to come over to your stand. A ‘what’s going on over there?’ moment.

Intrigue can drive great results.

Imagine seeing Amipart staff stood there with Nerf guns. What would you think? Surely you’d want to know what it was all about?

You’re there to network and being interactive is the best way to do it.


You’ll have fun

If you’ve got a stand that you think people are going to love, then your day will become easier too.

Instead of having to grab people’s attention yourself, your stand will do it for you.

You’ll be able to enjoy being there. This is great for you and the attendees – and your business.


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