Top 15 Advantages of Installing Live Chat on Your Website

Installing Live Chat On A Website

More and more businesses all over the world are installing live chat on their website.

It’s not without good reason either.

Here are the top 15 reasons you should install live chat to your website.


  1. Solves customer’s problems quickly
  2. Increase customer engagement
  3. Improve customer service
  4. Customer convenience
  5. Learn customer pain points
  6. Increase sales
  7. An extra way to promote offers
  8. Reduce costs
  9. Competitive advantage
  10. Connect with customers outside of local area
  11. Improve user’s website experience
  12. Lead generation strategy
  13. Offers a secure environment
  14. Gives customer more choice
  15. Build trust through availability

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Solve customer’s problems quickly

79% of customers like live chat because of it’s potential for speedy replies.

We all prefer immediate responses. Phone calls, texts, email, live chat – fast replies are much more convenient.

Live chat helps solve your customer’s issues much faster than if they were to phone your company directly.

Customers like being helped quickly and you’re much more likely to retain their business if you can solve their issue in a matter of moments.

Increase customer engagement

We use live chat in ordinary day-to-day life, for all sorts of different reasons.

Over 1 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month. It only makes sense that brands would venture into using it too.

Lots of people dislike making phone calls – installing live chat solves this issue for them.

And the higher your customer engagement level, the better.

Improve customer service

Live chat has the highest satisfaction levels (73%) when compared to email and phone.

By offering a fast response service, you’re improving your customer service.

Customers will stick with you if you look after them.

Customer convenience

It’s often quicker for a customer to send a message over live chat than it is ring you.

Save them time by installing live chat.

Learn customer pain points

By creating another channel through which you can communicate with your customers, you create another way they can tell you of their issues.

The more feedback you get, the better your service can become.

By addressing your customer’s concerns you’re solving problems for them and improving their experience with you.

Why not give your website visitors an incentive to give you feedback through live chat?

This can be a great way to increase engagement too.

Increase sales

A number of studies have shown that installing live chat on a website can boost sales.

Due to increased engagement and customer service, conversion rate is often much higher.

Your chatbot has many more uses than simply informing your customers of your opening hours.

Develop your chatbot to be another salesman for you. It can be a fantastic asset.

An extra way to promote offers

Have you an offer on at the moment? A discount? A promo code to share?

You can program your chat to help promote offers on your products/services.

Program your live chat to pop up with a message promoting an offer each time a user clicks on to your site.

Reduce costs

Live chat reduces the need for call centres. Less manpower is necessary.

You don’t have to spend the money on hardware either.

If your chatbot is answering general enquiries, this gives your staff more time for other things.

Time is money, eh?

Competitive advantage

The use of live chat is expected to grow as much as 87% in the next 12-18 months.

And although it is growing in popularity, only 20% of businesses currently use it.

By installing live chat on your site you’re taking the lead over your competitors.

It gives your customers yet another reason to deal with you over them.

Connect with customers outside of local area

For the customers that cannot physically reach your store.

Local customers have the option to ring or to physically make their way into your store.

Installing live chat is another option for those that are too far away to pop up.

By giving them another way to connect with you they’re more likely to engage and purchase.

Customers value it

Research has found that 42% of consumers prefer live chat over other methods of brand communication (23% preferred email and 16% social media).

We all like companies with great customer service.

They’re the ones we remember and are more likely to return to.

Customers like having a live chat option at their disposal.

Improve user’s website experience

You enhance a customer’s experience on your site if you can solve their issue in minutes, without them having to pick up the phone.

Customers will appreciate the service and be more inclined to deal with you in the future.

Lead generation strategy

Use your live chat as a method of interacting with potential customers.

Have a message pop up that asks them to connect.

As soon as they’ve initiated this interaction, there you have it, another lead.

As a lead generator and a salesman in one, your chatbot can become a vital component of your business.

Offer a personalised service

You can use the data you collect about your customers to create experiences that are tailored to them.

Personalisation is becoming more and more important in the world of business.

Live chat can help you get ahead of the game by offering customers more unique experiences with your brand.

Decrease cart abandonment levels

If you’re in eCommerce and want to reduce your cart abandonment rates, installing live chat is a solution.

Programme your chatbot to pop up if a cart has been abandoned or has been dormant for a while.

Remarketing properly can increase revenue and build your customer base

Gives customer more choice

Give customers the options to ring, email or message on live chat. And if you run a physical store then they can come in to see you too.

We all prefer different methods. Live chat makes some people more inclined to get in contact.

The more you communicate with your customers, the better your business will be for it.

Build trust through availability

If you program your chatbot to respond automatically, you can solve a customer’s problem in no time.

Customers like brands that are contactable 24 hours a day.

Automated chatbots make this a very realistic scenario.

Increases customer retention

63% of people are more likely to return to a site if it offers live chat.

It’s such a useful and fast way of communicating.

Repeat business shows that your customers trust and enjoy your products/services.

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