Top 6 Tips For Working From Home & Increasing Your Productivity

Lockdown 2 – Back working from home?

Remembering the fun and games from the last time you had to work remotely? Us too!

Thankfully this time around we don’t have to plan home schooling into our daily work life that we all found so much fun!

For #Lockdown2 we are all a bit more familiar with working from home but we wanted to share our best Top 6 Tips to help keep you on track and ensure you had the most support to keep you feeling motivated over the next 4 weeks.

Here goes…..

No.1 – Get Dressed

One of the most important things you can do to get yourself motivated to work whilst being at home is getting dressed. You don’t have to be fully suited and booted but something other than you PJ’s will get your mind ready for work mode!

No.2 – Find a ‘Work Zone’

While it might be tempting to sit on the sofa with your laptop on your knee, it’s much better to sit at a desk or table. If you can, also try to find a nice quiet space away from everyone else.

Get everything you need set up and ready in one place before you start work and also if possible, shut the door. This will help to make a familiar work surrounding to start you off the right way and have a zone you know is for focusing on work.

No.3 – Take a Break

Making time for breaks is important to help manage feelings of stress. Try to take a lunch break, regular screen breaks and give yourself time to concentrate on something else so you feel more focused when you return.

Even just 5 to 10 minutes of short breaks each hour can really help your productivity too.

No.4 – Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget to also keep yourself hydrated throughout the day with plenty of water. It is recommended to drink around 6 – 8 glasses a day to reduce fatigue. Keep a large bottle by your desk and every time you are not typing or when you are reading a nice long email have a sip. Try adding fruit to your water to enhance the taste. This will keep you nice and refreshed throughout the day

No.5 – Avoid Distractions

It’s easy to think you can get lots of extra jobs done around the house when working from home but don’t be tempted to do that washing up from breakfast or that extra load of washing. Be disciplined, the hoovering can wait until the evening and that episode of Corrie from last night will stay be on catch up at 5pm!

No.6 – Stay in Touch

Working from home can be a lonely place and it is easy to feel disconnected and isolated.

Touch base with your colleagues throughout the day to see how everyone is getting on. Have a daily zoom call to energize each other or keep in touch via a Whats App group to provide each other with updates on what you are working on or fun creative ideas.

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