What If I Told You Your Attention Span Is Less than a Goldfish’s?

Worryingly, a study carried out by Microsoft recently has proved just that!

The average human attention span is rapidly declining according to studies using electroencephalograms – these are attached to the scalp to test brain activity and pick up the electrical signals produced when brain cells send messages to each other.

In fact, they found out that we now have an attention span of just EIGHT seconds… that’s one whole second shorter than that of a goldfish. Not good news when you think about the 12-second attention span we used to have in the year 2000!

My assumption is, as a species we have come to expect everything immediately, and do less work to get it.

We want to know a fact, we Google it. If we need to know a correct spelling, we let spellcheck fix it for us. Should we want to know how to do something, we watch it on YouTube. In fact, the increase in video content available digitally means we read about things less. Do you see my point?


So how may this affect your business? There’s actually a number of ways that the decreasing attention span will be having a big impact on your website and digital strategy:

Your biggest threat is the speed at which your website loads – keep your customers happy

The aim of any company website is to boost sales or enquiries and your brand image. Even just a one-second delay in your website loading up will see a 7%* decrease in conversion rates.

A website should always ideally load on desktop or mobile within 3 seconds (53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than 3 seconds to load according to Google). Google set their own websites a target of 0.5 seconds and e-commerce is generally 2 seconds.

In a world that’s got a fast-declining attention span, you must do everything you can to ensure that the page load speeds on your website are top notch. If you don’t, you’re extremely likely to experience a much higher website bounce rate. Try using to test your page load speeds for free.


Respond to messages quickly on social media – don’t kill your brand

It is important to plan your social media strategy to include a 24/7 response time.

Replying to customers/potential customers within an hour will ultimately increase their perception of your brand. Avoid the social media drama that could unfold and inevitably damage your brand.

A study by Lithium showed that more than half of consumers want to hear back from a brand within an hour. If their message is a complaint, this shoots up to 72%.

Moral of the story – be social media ready and don’t leave consumers waiting!


Focus on displaying the same ads numerous times

With decreasing attention spans and thousands of daily ads being put in front of us in an overcrowded digital space, you really need to make sure your messages shout above the crowds.

Have you noticed that major brands now seem to be repeating the same marketing messages over different advertising mediums? Having your adverts appearing on multiple channels throughout the day embeds in your prospects subconscious mind. It means that they’re more likely to gain brand recognition and take note of and act on your message.

We can help you build a website that works quickly and efficiently, whilst implement a digital marketing strategy that keeps your customers happy. What’s more, our monthly packages now allow you to do this at a lower cost.


* Stats taken from

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