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Over the past few years, we have carried out a number of design, illustration and signage projects for the team. They came us, looking for a company to carry out this work, making sure that we followed the strict guidelines of the zoo’s brand. Below are just a few of the projects that we have undertaken.

The Islands Project

Chester Zoo recently had the challenge of needing to showcase their brand new attraction, ‘The Islands’ to their visitors. We were brought in to design and illustrate the signage for the six tropical environments of South East Asia so they would jump out to the Zoo’s visitors. We gave each island its own unique identity, with graphic elements bespoke to each island. The colours, fonts and overall style of the signs were considered to ensure that there would be an appeal to visitors of all ages.

Below are just four out of the six island signs that we designed and illustrated.

The Elephant House Project

Due to the success of the Islands signage, we were then commissioned to undertake the elephant house graphics. This comprised of a map and interesting facts throughout the compound. The look and feel of these graphics were based on the styling of the Islands, to ensure consistency throughout the park.

This project was carried out to educate the visitors on the elephant enclosure and the keepers’ role in the elephants day to day life.


Over the years, we have been tasked with producing internal and external signage for a number of exhibitions around the Zoo. A couple of projects to mention include ‘Zoo Vets, the Inside Story’ which was to educate visitors in the work that the zoo vets carry out on a daily basis with interactive exhibits to make it more life-like. Another project was the ‘Pink Flamingo’ which aimed to get across the importance of understanding global warming and its effects on wild animals, globally. Both of these projects required posters, banners, exhibition stands and various pieces of literature to accompany them.

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