Brand new website for leading school

The initial brief provided by the school was for a bright, easy to navigate website that offered staff an easy to use content management system and the ability to create new pages, news items and events whenever they needed to. The school also wanted to further support their student’s learning with an enhanced remote learning offer.

Racing against time, we managed to excel our tight deadline so that we could guarantee learning was available for the school online. The new website had a complete redesign with bright colours and a professional theme to reflect the personality of the school. The layouts had to be user friendly and accessible, we assured that the system was easy to use and straight forward to find the correct information, depending on year group and subject.

The website was fully merged to support Google classrooms, an online learning platform Google developed to educate pupils online, this was the main service that schools in the UK used during the pandemic and Little Lever were able to conduct lessons online with the highest levels of efficiency. We built a sophisticated homework hub system for students and parents to login securely and access appropriate homework, which could then be uploaded onto the servers.

We made a Learning Zone so that this is easy to navigate for both the parents and the students. Once the website was built, we taught the staff on how they could maintain and left the control and management with the school. Little Lever were extremely content with the result.

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