4 Simple Tricks to Convert Your Users into Customers

Convert More Website Users into Customers

It’s the little things in life, right? It can be the little things when it comes to eCommerce too.

We all want more conversions on our sites; whether that be users filling out subscriber forms, making purchases etc. The more the better.

There are lots of different things you can do that’ll encourage your site users to become paying customers. We think of our headlines, the products/services we’re offering and more.


Below are four ways you might not have thought of that can increase your chances of finding new customers…

1. Answer the difficult questions

Customers want to know who they’re dealing with before they buy. It’s rare that someone buys on a whim, whilst knowing nothing about the company.

Some of the queries potential customers have might be ones you’d rather not answer but it’s still information they want to know.

Questions may be about your pricing structure, industry-related information and a whole host of others.

By answering the questions in your hard copy, you help to create an honest relationship with the consumer; you don’t look like you’re hiding anything. Transparency can instil a lot of trust between buyer and seller.


2. Make your microcopy a priority

Microcopy refers to the text on buttons, error messages, links etc. that make up your site and are included to help assist your users through their journey on your website.

Microcopy is often a neglected aspect of a business’ website as these little bits of text can be misunderstood as irrelevant, yet can greatly increase the chances of conversion if used effectively.

By including information on what to do next, where to input information, text that lets a customer know they’re doing the right thing etc. you can reduce the number of places that a user might abandon what they are doing on your website and potentially head over to a competitor’s website.

It evidences how easy it is to use your website and this is important for every user that visits.


3. Your calls to action need attention

Calls to action are points in a user’s journey that take them to the next step in the purchasing process. Your calls to action need to be exactly that – action-oriented. By taking action the user is moving forward in the process and that’s what you want.

Your calls to action should be included more than once on the page. Many readers won’t scroll all the way to the bottom of the page so may miss your CTA.

It’s wise not to ask for too much information as this can be off-putting for visitors. The people who aren’t totally sure about buying yet may be detered by this.

Make your call-to-action buttons stand out . You don’t want people to miss them so change their colour or increase their size slightly.


4. Use social proofing to your advantage

If someone has given positive feedback on your service or products then try and include this somewhere in the landing page copy. Other examples can include award nominations/victories or review scores if they’re encouraging.

Users will trust what other people have said about your business more so than anything you have to say, so utilise what those other people have said. It validates your business and increases your chances of conversion.


Small details really can make the difference and it’s worth implementing each of these tactics if they’re relevant to you. Give the customer every possible opportunity to convert and you’ll start to see much better results.

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