Installing reCAPTCHA for Abrams Ashton

Preventing Spam Emails

Abrams Ashton are accounting specialists based in Chorley, we provide a range of our services to them including website maintenance, brand positioning and marketing materials.

A common problem that websites encounter online is spam emails. When businesses have contact forms throughout their website, this can be an easy target for spammers to email companies. Abrams Ashton were experiencing this issue and as soon as they notified us, we knew exactly how to solve this.

We installed reCAPTCHA onto their website, this is an intelligent system which allows users to confirm that they are not an automated bot, this way preventing any spam emails from coming through.

Since the installation, Abrams Ashton have been able to get on with work without any automated emails and could not have been happier with our help. We look forward to showcasing our future developments.

For any website enquiries, we are always here to help. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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