Brand Evolution: Everything You Need To Know

Why evolving your business is so important

Brand evolution is the ongoing process of shaping a brand around changing consumer and market behaviours. This process naturally happens little by little, but even the smallest changes can lead to an impact on your audience and sales. It is key to evolve your brand over time to ensure you keep up with the latest industry trends and stay ahead of your competition. Find out more about brand evolution and how it can benefit your business.

Advantages of brand evolution

  • By evolving your brand over time, you are positioning yourself as modern and current to your audience.
  • Brand evolution helps your brand to be reactive with design trends and the needs of your customers.
  • Brand evolution is an extremely effective way of keeping your current audience and engaging with communities.
  • Solid brand evolution ensures that your brand is easily recognisable through evolution and shows the ever changing values of your company.
  • Brand evolution builds a culture around continuous improvement within your workplace.

Here are some examples of brands that have evolved over the years!

How you can evolve your brand

Logos: Adapting your logo overtime is one of the most common forms of brand evolution. Many successful brands have tweaked their logos over the years and by doing so, remain one step ahead of their competition.

Update brand guidelines: Regularly changing your brand guidelines will keep your branding consistent whilst also gradually evolving overtime.

Internal communication: It is more important than ever for businesses to share their values with their customers, so it is key to keep up to date from the inside of your company to evolve as a brand.

Monitor competition: Research your competition and identify changes within your industry, by doing so you can see how other brands are changing and not miss out.

Social channels: Follow the latest trends on your social media profile to stay relevant and up to date.

User testing: When considering changing your brand, make sure to do research within your team and identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. This will make changing your brand a straight forward process with strategic thought behind any moves.

Branding with Stone Create

At Stone Create, we specialise in building your brand overtime and ensuring that your branding brings the best out of your company. For any brand development enquiries, contact us today for a free consultation.

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