Eurosurgicals’ Brand New Line of Brochures

Print media to support their brand

Eurosurgical is a close client of ours, specialising in equipment for medical companies. We provide ongoing work for Eurosurgical including 2 websites where they sell their wide range of products to medical professionals online.

We were recently tasked with creating a range of print media to support their brand. Print design provided a tangible form of marketing which is not one to ignore, and here at Stone Create, we specialise in bringing your print ideas to life.  Eurosurgical gave us all their relevant product information and with their vision, we were able to design their new brochures.

Our designers worked hard to craft their brand image to perfection, utilising their signature colours and logos throughout. The brochures featured information on all different products and featured over 25 pages.

Eurosurgical loved the end result, and we continue to supply a range of graphic materials to support their brand. We look forward to sharing our upcoming projects with them.

For any print media or graphic design enquiries, contact us today and see where we can take your business.

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