Tips for Guiding Your Business Through COVID-19

Tips for Guiding Your Business Through COVID-19

It’s a testing time for us all right now.

Almost every country across the globe has been affected and we’re living in a world governed by uncertainty. The effects of the coronavirus have been disastrous already – and we still don’t know when it’ll be over.

From a business perspective, everyone has suffered testing blows. Certain businesses are being forced to close their doors, whilst many of us are working from home and great numbers aren’t working at all.

Unless it’s toilet roll or pasta, people aren’t spending their money as freely or with the frivolity they were before the pandemic.

So as a business, where do your efforts go now its time to change the plan? Are you going to carry on at the same rate, altering your tactics? Will you stop everything until it’s all blown over? Or will you use this ‘down time’ to plan and reflect from a business perspective?

Here’s what we would recommend:


Continue to communicate with your customers, contacts and stakeholders.

Don’t go quiet and simply wait till it’s all blown over.

Tell your existing contacts base of your plans.

  • Are you still open?
  • Have your procedures or operations changed as a result of COVID-19?
  • How can they now contact you?

Do this by sending out email campaigns, posting to social media or speaking with clients one-to-one over the phone or through video meetings.

Retain Normality

If you were to head to Twitter or Facebook now and begin scrolling, you will likely see many posts and about the coronavirus pandemic.

Providing content as close to ‘normal’ as possible provides hope for people and reminds them of what normality feels like – something most of us are craving right now.

People will gravitate towards those who are positive.

Be uplifting and continue to show support for your customers.

Remember, a bright light steals more attention than darkness.

Be Proactive

The outbreak of COVID-19 was unexpected and unplanned for.

It’s caused problems for every business, some more than others.

However, looking forward positively, the COVID-19 outbreak has given us lots of time, time that ordinarily we wouldn’t have.

Take advantage of this time now to Reflect, Plan & Prepare.


Now is the time to look back on your business and take stock.

Look at this time as an opportunity to solve any problems within your business that you’ve needed time to address.

Delve into the notion of implementing new processes, new systems, new methods for making your business more efficient.

It’s rare that we’re afforded time to reflect, and although we’re in trying circumstances, now presents an opportunity for you to do this.


Always feel like you’ve got too much on your plate?

Like there’s never enough time in a day to get everything done?

Start planning ahead now.

Use this time to put yourself steps in advance for when things pick up again soon.

Be prepared for another sudden change when we escape lockdown but enter it knowing you’re equipped to handle it.


Are you going to hit the ground running when we’re back to normality? If so, how will you do this?

Use this time to prepare and put your plan in to shape now, ready to action it after lockdown ends.

Be mindful of another another outbreak, but this time, one of hungry businesses out to recuperate the losses they suffered during COVID-19.

Make sure you’re one of them by being prepared.

Other than working from home, it’s business as usual for us here at Stone Create.

For more information on how you can sustain your business, during the coronavirus pandemic and after it, get in touch. We’re busy helping current clients plan and prepare for putting their best forward once the lockdown period is over, making sure that they have all they need in place to hit the ground running.

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