How To Claim Your LinkedIn Company Page

Claim A LinkedIn Company Page

Are you using your company’s LinkedIn page? Does your company even have a LinkedIn page?

LinkedIn company pages are especially useful. You have the opportunity to market your business and give lots of information about it.

As LinkedIn put it – your company page helps you be the voice of your organisation.

A well-groomed and regularly updated page can be a real asset to your business.

How company pages are made

LinkedIn pages are created in one of two ways. 

1. Automatic creation

LinkedIn itself can automatically create company pages.

This happens when an employee adds the organisation to their experience section of their profile if a company page for that organisation doesn’t exist.

2. Manual creation

You can also manually create a LinkedIn page for your company.

Go to the work icon and click create a company. This is a simple process – you’ll only be asked for basic information about the business.


After manually creating a page, many find that LinkedIn had automatically created one for them before they began.

It’s wise to check if this is the case. If you find that two pages exist for your business, you need to claim the one LinkedIn made for you.

Claiming the second page allows you to merge it with your self-created page. This prevents other LinkedIn users finding the wrong profile and leaving unaware of your active presence on the platform.

How do I claim the page?

The best and most efficient process to claim your LinkedIn company page is to message LinkedIn through Facebook messenger.

Send this message to begin with:

“Hi, I am trying to claim my company page on LinkedIn, however I am unsure of how to do so.

Please could you advise on how to do this? Thanks”

A member of the LinkedIn support team will then reply asking for three pieces of information from you.

  1. The email address linked to your account
  2. A direct link to your LinkedIn company page
  3. A direct link to the company page you’d like to claim/close down

They may also ask for your company email (accepted format: so include this in your message to save them asking for it.

Once LinkedIn have this information they should be able to close the second page.

You can then continue to post and build your presence on the platform.


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