Is this the future for online sales?

It’s no secret that the majority of us will have not just one, but multiple social media accounts. Therefore, it is understandable, given its omnipresence in today’s world, that marketers have long looked to social media as a key part of their online marketing strategy.

Most of the businesses and marketing teams among us are now focused on creating interesting and engaging content about their brand and are posting frequently and across relevant channels. But what about Social Shopping?

An ever-increasing trend is emerging that is allowing us to see just how many of us are using social media to make purchases, and it’s presenting businesses with the huge benefit of extending into a new sales channel.

Just one astonishing statistic is that 72% of Instagram users had used the app to make a purchase (Forbes, 2019), proving that now is an opportune time for brands to recognise this trend and use social platforms to reach more customers and sell more products.

Not only does social media bring the convenience of attracting new buyers much faster and with less investment required, it also gives users a simpler shopping experience with reduced sales funnels. Which we think is win-win.

With Retail Insight citing a 38% increase in Social Shopping in the past 12 months alone, this is certainly the time to investigate this channel if you want to sell your products to consumers online.

What’s more, social channels have made it easier than ever before to target your audience, or for users to shop directly from your posts.

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