Boosting Online Sales for Lancashire Game Festival

Using Facebook Ads to Promote their Event

Lancashire Game & Country Festival is an annual event celebrating all things country. The event runs over a weekend in September, hosting a range of activities and fun for the whole family.

Every year their event gains mass attention in the local area but Craig, the chairman, wanted to use online advertising to boost his ticket sales leading up to the event.

Our digital team worked closely with Craig on how we could target his market and leverage all opportunities, together we decided that Facebook advertising was the best option.

We used Facebook advertising as the community we needed to target was already present, and due to the interest on countryside, we knew that by geographically targeting their audience, this would be the best method of gaining attention. We created a 500 mile radius advertising campaign which would show up on people’s news feeds in the area.

Our marketing team worked with Craig on a range of Facebook advert posts, using promotional videos and photos of previous events to attract people into viewing the different activities at the show. This gained a mass amount of interest from the get-go, attracting many viewers with people tagging their friends and family to join them.

Closer to the event we upped the budget and within the last 2 weeks we encouraged all who viewed the ads to buy tickets. By doing this so close to the event we caused a 40% increase in ticket sales.

Our campaign was a huge success and we boosted overall online ticket sales by over 10 times. Craig was extremely happy with the outcome and stated that the event was one of his best to date.

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