Using Samples to Boost Sales with Leyland Decorative Mouldings

Boosting Online Sales with New Sample Additions

Leyland Decorative Mouldings are a close client of ours, specialising in the sale of decorative moulding products such as panel mouldings, dodo rails and ceiling roses. We work with LDM on their website as well as online advertising PPC campaigns.

Due to the delivery cost of their products, we required a way to boost people’s confidence when they are deciding on which products to purchase.

Together, we agreed that selling samples on the website was the best way to do this. We added samples for over 100 products, with a built in functionality on products to either input “Yes” or “No” on whether users would like a sample.

The response was phenomenal, with many customers purchasing products for £7 including delivery, and then further on in their customer journey, purchasing the product. This has helped in driving sales on the platform and by working together, LDM is becoming one of the most popular decorative suppliers in the UK.

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