Internal CRM System for Multipave

Brand New Bespoke Software

Multipave are a construction company based in the North West who undertake a vast range of roadworks and manufacturing projects. Dissatisfied with their current workplace systems, they were using an outdated Windows programme to carry out staff procedures. They tasked us with creating a new method for them to manage projects and conduct workforce logs, this was to be completely customised and unique to them.

We knew the importance of this project as their full workforce would be using this system for an array of everyday tasks. Our web developers built from scratch a completely bespoke CRM system meaning that this was online application. The benefits of choosing a CRM system compared to their current software is that it could be accessed anywhere and on any device by their members of staff. Members of staff can input data including costs, materials and projects in order to cover their whole working process from site to completion. Users can log visits, measurements and upload files and are even able to annotate drawings whilst working on site.

Through the system they are able to assign contacts to quotes and send directly to their clients. A unique feature which they use is a near hazard report where their workforce is able to log when there is a near hazard, in order to encourage their team to do this there is a monthly prize picked at random. The system is used by all their staff on a daily basis and they couldn’t be happier with the results. We continue to work on adding new features with Multipave to expand their system even more.

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