Now is the time to Reflect, Plan and Prepare

It’s a testing time for us all right now. Almost every country across the globe has been affected and we’re living in a world governed by uncertainty. The effects of the coronavirus have been challenging already – and we still don’t know when it’ll be over.

So, as a business, where do your efforts go now it’s time to change the plan? Are you going to carry on at the same rate? Will you stop everything until it’s all blown over? Or, will you use this ‘down time’ be proactive and reflect, plan and prepare for when normality returns?


Look back at your business’ marketing and take stock. Solve any problems with your marketing that you’ve needed to address. Delve into the notion of implementing new processes, systems and methods for making your marketing more efficient. It’s rare that we’re afforded time to reflect, so now presents an opportunity for you to do this.


Put steps in place now for when things do pick up again. Plan your business’s marketing and communications strategy for now and for the coming months. Think about what you want to tell your customers and who the prospects you’d like to reach are.


Prepare to hit the ground running when we’re back to normality. Start to put your plan in to place now, ready to action it after lockdown ends. Then be mindful of another outbreak, this time, one of hungry businesses out to recuperate the losses they’ve suffered. Make sure you’re one of the ones up front with good preparation.

If you’d like to talk to us about your marketing strategy and forward planning, our team members are working at home, so please get in touch.

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