Push Notifications Will Increase Your Engagement

Do you use push notifications?

Firstly, what are push notifications?

Push notifications are automated messages that are sent to a user by an app when the app is closed.

More and more businesses are beginning to make use of them.

And you should do too.


Why are they useful?

Push notifications are permission-based engagement

The web user needs to opt in to receive the notifications.

A small box will appear at the top of your web page asking if they want to receive notifications.

If they do, they’ll click allow.

If not – disallow.

You don’t have to collect any contact information such as names or email addresses.


Higher conversion rates

Users are much more likely to opt in as no email is required.

This means you can send them notifications when you want them to complete an action (a conversion).

People won’t complete actions on your site if you don’t tell them about the chance to do so.


Send eye-catching messages

Push notifications allow you to send messages with a headline and a featured image.

That’s two opportunities to attract the reader.

Always include attention-grabbing images with punchy headlines.

Do this and your open rates will soar.


Instant notifications

You won’t have to wait for the user to open their email as the message sends immediately.

It will pop up no matter what they’re doing on their desktop.

This means that you’ll know within seconds what the open rate of that notification was.


Chrome, Safari and Firefox all support push notifications.

They’re a great way to reach your users and increase your engagement.

We recommend using the plugin OneSignal but others are available too.


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