Why Your Brand Needs To Go Responsive In 2022

Responsive design isn’t just for websites, responsivity is a whole concept of design based around different scales and platforms. Read our guide on why and how your brand should go responsive in 2022.

What is a responsive logo?

A responsive logo exists in several, slightly different and easily scalable variations. Responsive logos should be used differently, according to how much space you have and the nature of where you are using your logos.

Why your brand should go responsive

Responsive logos maximise legibility and recognisability to better communicate your brand.

Examples of responsive logos

via responsivelogos.co.uk

As we can see in the example above, elements of each logo are simplified in each size iteration. By designing a logo to be responsive, brands can maintain visual consistency no matter where or how the logo is applied.

How to design responsive logos

Large logos

Your large logo can include your tagline and should be used as the main logo for your business. This is the logo that your audience will see the most so make sure it covers all the highlights of your brand identity.

Medium logos

Your medium logo is created to be simpler and more refined, for this reason you should strip back some elements of your main logo, such as removing the tagline. Your medium logo should be cleaner whilst still incorporating the main elements of your large logo.

Small logos

For your small logo, strip back the logo to its’ most simple elements. This could be by using a remaining symbol or shape that represents your band. This small logo will be used for micro content such as next to your website URL.

Are you ready to go responsive?

At Stone Create, we specialise in the design of logos to coincide with your branding. If you are looking to go responsive in 2022, do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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