Stone Create Commissioned by Market Leaders Merlin Diesel for full Marketing Service

Merlin Diesel who are at the forefront of current and future technologies in diesel fuel injection have appointed Stone Create to manage all their marketing and web design needs.

Merlin Diesel are proud to be leading the field, having been at the cutting edge of aftermarket diesel fuel injection for over 70 years. Merlin’s test centre boasts one of the largest and most sophisticated diesel workshops in the world whilst their test equipment division, design and manufacture an ever-evolving range of diesel injector and pump testing equipment.

Merlin Diesel has headquarters in Preston Lancashire with branches in Yorkshire, London and Shanghai. They have a global distribution network to over 100 countries.

Managing Director Shane Friend said: “We are delighted to have been commissioned by Merlin for all their marketing needs. We have developed an enhanced, user-led website that incorporates eCommerce for their large range of parts and equipment. We have designed, manufactured and installed their workplace signage as well as managing the design of all their  international exhibition graphics and print needs. Our expertise in industrial manufacturing means we can work quickly and efficiently with the team at Merlin, understanding their client base and target market.”

Technical Director Scott Bramley said: “We chose to work with Stone Create as they immediately understood the needs of our company and clients. We manufacture and test complex machinery so to have a marketing team working for us that can deliver everything an in-house marketing department would was invaluable. Stone Create are easy to work with and we are very pleased with the results they have achieved for us.”

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