What is a CRM System? (Features and Benefits)

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

It’s an online system put in place to help you manage customer data, improve communication within your team and help deliver actionable insights.

CRM systems can be integrated with all levels of business, including accounts and finance, social media and of course your sales team.


How will a CRM system help my business?

A CRM system is there to benefit your company.

Once implemented, a CRM system will help you:

  • keep contacts up to date
  • manage (and improve) customer relations
  • easily update records
  • get access to the latest information
  • manage leads and prospects


Key features CRM systems can include

Not all of these features may be necessary for your business, which is why a bespoke system is always recommended.

Instant messaging between employees

Instant messaging is a much faster way to communicate compared to email.

Communication will become more streamlined and will be much faster.

File and content sharing

Are there multiple employees that need access to the same files/content?

Place all files in a shared space, giving everyone who needs it, access to them.

No more waiting hours for an email back with an attachment – log in to your CRM system and what you need will be there.

Contact management

Store all the data about a client/customer in one place.

Personal details, company details, purchases, invoices etc. – every detail you need to store about an account can be held in your CRM system.

Lead management

Track all your leads through your sales process, from when they’re cold to piping hot, right through to conversion.

Record where they come from, who sourced them and their progress through your sales funnel.

Email tracking and integration

Syncing your email system to your CRM saves everyone logging in and out of different system all day.

A bespoke CRM system is designed to make your employee’s lives more efficient and thus easier – allowing more time to focus on sourcing more customers.


Why is bespoke best?

Bespoke is always best.

Whether it’s your website, insurance or CRM system – with bespoke, you have control.

Implementing a bespoke CRM system gives you the freedom to include only features you need.

Investing in a mass-produced system will see you pay for features you don’t need and not have access to those you do.

A bespoke CRM system is tailor-made to your business.

It also gives you the flexibility to change things if you need to.

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