Why is social media marketing important for your organisation?

Who needs social media marketing?

B2C organisations aim to connect directly with the consumer therefore social media is an obvious medium to do so. Although B2B companies aim to sell a product or service to another business, a salesman sells to the key decision maker not the entire organisation. For that reason, publishing content that appeals to the key decision-making unit is of high importance and social media is a viable medium, namely LinkedIn. Whereas B2C organisations are likely to focus on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.


Brand awareness

With over 4 billion active users across the world, social media is widely considered the most cost effective way to communicate with your intended audience and through that, promote your brand and services offered. 83% of Instagram users compliment this idea as data indicates the platform is used to discover and connect with new brands.

Create a sense of relatability

Social media allows businesses to showcase their character through their tone of voice and text. By curating a space that resonates with your target audience, an organisation can begin to form a meaningful relationship with members of the public and increase the potential of converting followers into customers.

Establish your brand as a thought leader

Consistently sharing knowledge across your social platforms is a great way to build customer confidence in your brand. Regardless of the market you operate in, social media gives businesses an opportunity to establish your brand as their go-to-source for knowledge for topics relevant to your market.



Generate leads

Generating leads on social media platforms is a strategy that can be implemented by B2C and B2B marketers alike. Social media offers lead generating features that allow organisations to capture the profile and contact details of their target audience. Through paid ads, an organisation can target and communicate solely to their target audience with an aim of converting these into sales.

Influencer marketing

Word of mouth is the predecessor to social media, before we were connected online, we socialised in person. We were influenced by our peers and those around us. In today’s world, we socialise online and are therefore influenced by those we follow. Marketers ahead of the game understand this and therefore commission people in the public eye to promote their brands and services.

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