A Consistent Brand is Key for your Business

Branding Consistency is Essential


Have you ever received a leaflet or some form of promotion from a company, gone on to their website and their logo isn’t the same? Or their tagline is slightly different? The colour scheme might have changed? These are all minor details that can hinder the message they’re sending out to customers about their company.

All of those instances may seem small and insignificant but from a consumer’s point of view you’ll question the brand and who you’re dealing with. Consistency is key here. From promotional work, to print work, to your social media profiles – your brand needs to be the same across all marketing mediums.

It comes down to almost everything – the colour schemes, social media headers and bios and of course the message you’re sending out to potential customers. Everything should be inline with one another as it will reinforce that message you’re trying to drill into customers.

We recently completed some branding work for the CTI division of The West Coast Group events company – creating them a new logo, designing and producing their business cards and wrapping their van with vehicle signage. We made sure that the message being delivered was consistent on all three counts.



CTI’s new logo

Logos are often the first point of contact people have with your business. Customers will associate their entire experience with your business with your logo and so it needs to emit the right message.

‘CTI’s logo needed to be one that’ll stand out by looking attractive and professional.’

Shane Friend, graphic designer

CTI asked for a clean and memorable logo and we designed their logo to match these requirements.


Business Cards

Simplicity is necessary when it comes to business cards.

Business cards play an important part in business and converting leads into accounts. The business cards we designed for CTI made sure that the logo is the largest element on the card because, as we discussed earlier, the logo is the first thing people associate with your brand.

We saw to it that all the most important information about CTI was included on the card, whilst not cramming in text that would look unpleasant and chose to stick to as few colours as possible.

A straightforward and clean design is essential when it comes to business cards.


Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage is 24-hour advertising.

We also designed and installed vehicle signage on their van giving their entire brand (including their brand-spanking new logo) the potential to be seen by thousands of people every day – this is just one of the many benefits of vehicle signage.

The logo can be seen clearly from every angle and the colours are consistent with the logo and business cards.



Consistent branding isn’t always the easiest job but aligning your marketing strategies gives a professional edge to your brand so is worth investing in.

If you need assistance with any marketing or design element, including both the ones we’ve mentioned here or the vast range on our website then get in touch here.



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