Exhibiting at the GMB Expo 2019

The Greater Manchester Business Expo 2019

2019 brought us the first Greater Manchester Expo run by the Shout! Network.

The Bolton Arena hosted the event and it saw a vast number of exhibitors and delegates showcase their businesses to one another.

Expos give you the chance to meet like-minded professionals, both inside and outside your field.

They are a chance to sell what you do to lots of people who might benefit from your products or services.


They’re busy affairs, with lots of attractions and lures to entice you towards the various stands on display.

Expos are a superb chance to get your name out there and make long-lasting connections with other businesses…

What did we do?

At Stone Create, we try to incorporate an element of fun that engages visitors and encourages interaction.

For the Manchester Expo this year, we based our theme on the Wild, Wild West.

We asked attendees to shoot bullets from Nerf guns at suspended targets for the chance to win some coveted golden nuggets (glorified popcorn).

People are intrigued by what you’re doing and so feel compelled to go and chat to you.

This is great as the more people you’re able to make a positive impression on, the better and that is what expos are about after all.

There are lots of benefits to exhibiting at expos. We tend to find that you get the most out of them by offering something unique, attractive and interesting to the other attendees.

This can be through enthralling stand design, a fun game or simply a fantastic product or service that people can see or sample whilst with you.

Leaving this lasting impression promotes your brand and the business you run.

Make sure you leave a positive impression too. Do this through an attractive and well-designed stand and giving value to those who are there.

Exhibitions are a fantastic opportunity to talk with people who may need your services.

It’s also a chance to talk to businesses you may need help from.

Nothing is better than a face-to-face interaction to ask any questions you have. You’ll also to get to know people you may soon be working with.

If you need any help with your exhibition stands, fill out a contact form below.


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