How To Claim a Google My Business Listing (4 Simple Steps)

How To Claim A Google My Business Listing

As a business, you need to claim your Google My Business listing so you can consistently monitor and maintain it.

Google My Business is the little pop up that appears when you search your business on Google.

It shows to the right of the page.

This is what ours looks like.

stone create google my business

If you haven’t ever used it before but your business has been established for a few years now, it’s likely Google have created one automatically for you.

This means they’ll also have guessed the information they’ve included about your business. So some of it might be incorrect.

Information shown on Google My Business:

  • business address
  • website link
  • phone number
  • opening hours
  • business photos
  • social links
  • reviews


It’s important to update the information as quickly as possible so that you don’t miss out on potential business.

Even if it all looks correct, it’s worth claiming your Google My Business listing in case anything changes in the future.

You can also choose which sectors your business falls under.

Steps to Claiming the Listing

Taking ownership of a page is a simple process.

You’ll need a Google account to get started.

To claim a Google My Business listing there are three steps involved.

Search for your business in Google

Search your exact company name so that the Google My Business listing appears.

Click ‘own this business?’

If your Google My Business listing hasn’t ever been claimed, there should be a link for you to click.

It’ll look like this.

google my business

Click the link.

Choose how you would like Google to send you a code

Google will need to verify you in one of three ways.

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Direct mail


Google will use one of these ways to send you a verification code.

Email or phone number are the quickest ways to receive this code.

Input the code

Input the five-digit code and you’ll have access to full management of your Google My Business listing.

For more information on Google My Business and the benefits of using it click here.

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