It’s All Brand New for H3

Is your company being branded in the right way?

Branding your company in the correct light is essential.

It’s important because it involves thinking about every experience that someone might have with your business.

Professional business cards always stand out.

This means everything from the product/service you provide, to your logo, website quality etc. The list is long, and it can be difficult to maintain the same presence across all mediums. Get it right and you’ll benefit. Get any elements wrong and it’ll hinder your marketing strategy, therefore damaging your brand.

Our latest branding project was for H3 – a division within an events company based in Blackpool. Firstly, they required a new logo and business cards to develop the way in which their business is portrayed.

The logo had to be synonymous with the brand’s personality and was designed to maintain the professional and notable character of it.

The logo had to be simple yet catch the eye and we’re sure it does just that.

The business cards give a clear indication of what the business is all about.

We achieved this through an appropriate image and bullet-points that tell you the services they provide.

The cards are clean and colourfully attractive, which will appeal to passers-by at all kinds of events and will make H3 stand out.

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