LinkedIn Have Brought Back An Old Feature To Help You

LinkedIn Invite Connections Feature Is Back

LinkedIn invite connections feature is back. It’s a feature that will help you grow your company’s page following. LinkedIn first installed the feature a few years ago but removed it due to spam issues. They did the same thing in May of this year. For four weeks of this summer it was available and ready to use. Then all of a sudden when we logged in one morning it had vanished. Again. It’s back again now though and we think it’s here to stay. This should come as good news to those trying to grow company pages. We made the most of the feature in May and grew our page following by as much as 30%! It’s a valuable feature if used properly and appropriately. But that’s where LinkedIn users let each other down. Not everyone used it in the correct manner.

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What do you need to know?

Here’s what you need to know before using the latest feature.

What is LinkedIn Invite Connections?

LinkedIn invite connections is a feature that allows you to invite your connections to follow a company page you’re an admin of. It’s much easier to gain followers this way rather than simply growing a page organically and hoping they follow after seeing your content.

Where can I find the invite connections feature?

You can invite connections via the admin tools dropdown or a sidebar widget that will appear to the right of your company page feed.

How to use LinkedIn invite connections?

Simply go to the admin tools, click invite connections and begin manually selecting the connections you want to invite to follow your company page. If you have fewer than 500 connections you’ll be able to select all your connections to invite at once.

Who can use the invite connections feature?

This feature is only available to company page admins. If you’re not an admin of that page, you won’t be able to invite connections to follow it.


Where Can You Find The Invite Connections Feature?

The first place you should look for the invite connections feature is the sidebar. There should be a widget there that will let you quickly invite people LinkedIn are suggesting for you. This is what your screen will look like on desktop…

Place no.1 to invite your connections to follow your company page.

The second place you can find this feature is in the admin tools dropdown menu. Click the ‘invite connections’ button and you’re good to start inviting. Here’s what that should look like…
Go to either of these places to start growing your page!  
A Potential Problem with LinkedIn Invite Connections
You might be excited by the thought of a feature that will help you expand your audience. Marketers especially should be enthused.
But it still carries baggage that LinkedIn are looking to shake.

The big issue is spam. 

LinkedIn have removed the invite connections feature twice now, largely due to complaints from people that were being inundated with invites. Mostly irrelevant ones.

Most of us are connected to lots of people on LinkedIn. Not all of these people will be from the same sphere though and so it isn’t necessary to invite everyone to like a page.

Yet this is what people were doing previously.

And this is where the problems stemmed from.

How will LinkedIn Stop Spam?

LinkedIn have placed a number of restrictions on how members can use the tool.

Receiving endless requests every day to follow pages that you don’t care for would get frustrating fast. This is what LinkedIn are trying to stop from happening.

After all, they want you to have the best experience possible when using the platform.

Hopefully these limitations will prevent people going invite-crazy:

Only page admins can use the tool

If you’re not a page admin then you’re out of luck.

Only those with admin rights can invite connections to follow a company page.

‘Select all’ limited to those with fewer than 500 connections

If you have more than 500 connections then you’ll have to manually select who you invite.

Only for companies with fewer than 100,000 followers

If your company page has more than 100,000 followers, this tool isn’t available for you.

Admins can only invite connection once

Unlike with Facebook groups etc. you will only be able to invite a connection to follow a page once.

This will prevent people from persistently inviting you to follow a page you don’t want to.

LinkedIn invite connections is a great feature for growing your page and connecting with more LinkedIn members.

It’s an opportunity to share your content with more people who want to see it and take value from it.

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