Supplying Signage for Manchester’s Northern Quarter

What do you want from a good bar? A range of ales? Age-old whiskey? Cocktails? Neon signage?

Maybe you want all four…

Bars in the Northern Quarter have a lot of competition, so they need to stand out.

You’ll often find buoyant live music, a wide range of drinks, a lively atmosphere and a well-designed interior.

As corny as it might sound, you want your bar to have personality and be memorable; you want people to come back and spread the word about how great is it to spend an evening there.


The Manchester Worker Bee

The famous worker bee – a neon sign people will remember.

The worker bee, Manchester’s famous emblem, became a symbol of unity against extremism when almost two years ago, Manchester Arena was tragically attacked.

During that period and since, the city of Manchester has united in the fight against terrorism. The worker bee has become a representation of Manchester’s resolute character.

The symbol can be seen all over the city and hundreds of people have gotten it tattooed on their bodies.

It signifies solidarity and the entire country and beyond now know what it stands for.


Stone Create supplied signage to the Northern Quarter’s latest cocktail bar, Alvarium, in the form of a neon worker bee.

It brings out the character of the bar and leaves a notable impression on all those who visit.

Those who spend time in Alvarium quickly come to understand the values behind the bar and what the people who work there stand for.

Neon signage has power through its bright colours and opportunity for eye-catching design. It can be just what you need to enliven your business and capture people’s attention for the right reasons.

They offer high visibility and can be shaped to match any design, meaning you’ll attract customers all day and night.


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