Why It Pays To Be Different At Business Expos

Using business exhibitions is a great strategy to market your company and build your brand. You have the opportunity to present yourself to thousands of people, some of whom might want to work with you and vice versa…

Business expos are networking events and they give you the chance to shout about your business to all who walk through the door; this includes both delegates and the other exhibitors.

There are plenty of benefits to exhibitions but simply turning up isn’t enough.

There are other things you can do to make sure you’re as successful as possible.

How can you make the most of expos?

Making the most of expos isn’t easy.

It demands commitment to the event and for you to be as positive as you can throughout.

Remember, you’re representing your business and you want the impression you exude to be as encouraging as possible.

You need to think outside the box and to stand out.

Aim to do something different than everybody else.

Engage attendees with a weird and wonderful game, an exclusive sample of your product or service; anything that entices them to your stand.

Drawing people in is the key and being unique is one way to do this.

Why does it pay to be different?

By being different you stand out.

This is what you should want.

It means you’re memorable.

In an ideal world everybody will leave the business exhibition talking about your stand and business.

When they think back to the event their first thought will be about how you positively influenced their day.

That means you’ve made a positive and lasting impression.

We always see stands that merely have a table, a backdrop and some branded pens.

Although that’s fine, it’s not exciting enough to arouse curiosity and drive people to talk to you.

When people are intrigued, they ask questions.

This is the perfect icebreaker.

You don’t need to worry about any tedious small talk to begin the conversation.

Let another person’s suspicion do that for you.

Which it will.

What Stone Create did and why it works

At Stone Create, we practice what we preach by trying to incorporate an element of fun that engages visitors and encourages interaction.

For the business expos we’ve exhibited at this year, our stand’s theme was the Wild, Wild West.

We asked attendees to shoot bullets from Nerf guns at suspended targets for the chance to win some coveted golden nuggets (glorified popcorn).

People wandered over to have a go at shooting the Nerf guns and to see what the big, colourful stand in the middle of the floor was all about.

It was fun and interactive and with our cowboy hats on it grabbed attention.

Eye-catching design coupled with an exciting concept will always prevail, which is why we take the approach we do.

If you have an upcoming show and are looking for help with the marketing, design or production of your stand, get in touch by filling out a contact form below.

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