The Apprentice Factory: A Case Study

The Apprentice Factory is a new project, managed by South Ribble Borough Council to increase the number of apprentices working within the South Ribble area.

The initiative brings together potential apprentices and businesses by offering them guidance and support.

The Apprentice Factory’s targeted inserts

Stone Create worked with South Ribble Borough Council from the get-go, creating a stand-out and memorable brand to kick start the project.

Once the brand was established and signed off, we could then create a number of promotional and marketing items to enable the team to go out there and promote the project at a range of exhibitions and events.

We produced a corporate folder, containing 3 inserts for each of the target markets (students, employers and those looking for a potential career change), promotional pens, branded clothing, adverts, A5 flyers, pop up roller banners and a striking neon sign was produced to accompany the team at these events.

The carefully structured and slick print design offered targeted information to individuals and businesses about venturing down the apprenticeship route and why it might be a suitable option for them.

Neon always stands you out from the rest

We also designed a game that used a toy crane to encourage visitors on the stand to interact with the team and ‘grab’ their desired career, just like a game of ‘hook a duck.’

As we stated in our previous blog, it is important to stand out at exhibitions and to offer attendees a memorable experience.

The neon sign was a big factor in catching people’s eye and using a toy crane was something unexpected.

It required interaction from the intrigued guests.

We’re confident it left a long-lasting and positive impression of the initiative.

Having all elements ready for the launch of the Apprentice Factory was vital. The events that the team has attended and exhibited at have been a huge success.


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